You will feel at home in a welcoming and comfortable setting which, along with the attentive family management, are the main ingredients for a unique holiday!  Our speciality is certainly the freshly caught fish.  Every day the restaurant presents a wide choice of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes for its guests.

“Cooking is our passion – it has been the common thread of our hospitality tradition for over 30 years.

…Passion goes into creating the menu, which recalls the traditional cuisine of the Veneto region, but at the same time making it appealing to adults and children alike.

…Passion goes into the preparation of the dishes, considering the different requirements of each guest. 

In fact, through our cuisine, we want to give you pleasant emotions to remember”

“without passion it would be wasted time”


Do you have any food intolerances /allergies? 

When you book the holiday, let me know: we’ll organize your menu in the best way!

Hotel Marisa ***

Viale A.Vespucci, 6
30021 Caorle (Venezia - Italia)
Tel. +39 0421 81485 - (4 linee r.a.)
Fax +39 0421 211666
p.i. : 02264040276

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