“Because a long history of welcoming tradition is written with you”

The Berardo Bruno Family is pleased to welcome you for the most relaxing and interesting holiday possible. Let yourselves be spoilt and pampered!

…Passion in hospitality is our philosophy and it has never been missing in over fifty years of welcoming new guests and regular clients…

…Passion in hospitality, as well as appealing to the palate, also goes into the desire to offer a pleasant holiday setting, ensuring that we are always there to fulfil your every need.

Talking, telling and laughing together… guests are the best part of Hotel Marisa.

Hotel Marisa ***

Viale A.Vespucci, 6
30021 Caorle (Venezia - Italia)
Tel. +39 0421 81485 - (4 linee r.a.)
Fax +39 0421 211666
p.i. : 02264040276

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