Caorle is a wonderful town where sea and beach blend with history and tradition. Located on the Adriatic coast between Venice and Trieste, Caorle was founded at least two thousand years ago, as shown by the many Roman remains discovered on the land and on the sea bed.

At one time Ernest Hemingway’s world, Caorle’s lagoon covers thousands of hectares among reed thickets and expanses of water, creating landscapes of unforgettable beauty.  The ancient fishermen’s dwellings, known as “casoni” are located here, made of marsh reeds, a unique example of wetland architecture. You can visit this unspoilt paradise by boat and on guided tours, accompanied by a fish-based snack.

The fishing port is located in the historic town centre which has been transformed into a pedestrian area. The ancient houses, painted in soft pastel colours, dotted along the alleys and little squares, are reminiscent of the Venetian inclination of the town and help to create a soft and magical atmosphere. The church of “Madonna dell’Angelo”, which stands on the rocks overlooking the sea, reflects the seafaring soul of Caorle’s inhabitants whose livelihood has depended on fishing for centuries.

The cylinder-shaped leaning bell tower is the symbol of Caorle.  Erected in the year 1070, it still preserves the ancient elegance that culminates in the central loggia of 24 single lancet windows, reminiscent of the 24 hours of the day.

Caorle’s beach winds along, covering 18 km of very fine golden sand from north to south, starting from Levante beach, running into Ponente beach, both adjacent to the historic centre, and moving on to Porto S. Margherita beach with its nautical vocation, ending up at Duna Verde beach immersed in greenery- To find out more about Caorle and its history, territory and interesting facts, consult the town’s official website and events.  

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